Playlists : 2007

Playlists publiées à l’origine sur MySpace

Décembre 2007

U2 – With or without you
Rita Mitsouko – Alors c’est quoi
Zazie – Haut les mains
Christophe Willem – Zombie & Kiss the bride (accoustiques)
Damien Saez –Jeunesse lève toi
Peter Sunson – Because you are
Dionysos – When the saints go marchin’ in & King of the gohst train
Emmylou Harris – Save the last dance for me
The Blood Arm & Anaïs – Do I have your attention ?
Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone
Ali Harter – What do ya do & Untitled No. 3
KT Tunstall – The journey’s the thing
The Bravery – Bad sun
Yael Naim – New soul
Jil Is LuckyGod bless you
Naosol – Why
Corde Brève – Sonnet morne
Stealers Wheel- Stuck in the middle
Hanson – Weird & Man from Milwaukee (Live acoustic 2007)
The Surgeries – Christmas day
Texas – Take your mama & Suspicious minds
Ray LaMontagne – Crazy
Patti Smith – Because the night & People have the power (back to basics hehe)
Rose – Sombre con (Radio Paradiso session)
Cocoon – Hey ya
Alizée – Lilly town

Playlist Spéciale Nowel

Santa’s in Santa Fe
Sunbathing in his sleigh
Lounging by the pool
And Rudolph’s drinking margheritas
Though it’d Christmas Eve
He doesn’t want to leave
He hates the ice and snow
He doesn’t want to go so he says

Christmas is cancelled this year
There won’t be any presents from the big man with the beard
Santa’s sick of selfish kids
Who want to take but hate to give
Christmas is cancelled this year

Christmas is cancelled this year – Farrah

La chanson de Noël – Jérôme Attal
Christmas (Baby please come home) – KT Tunstall
Silent night – Keren Ann
Frosty the snowman – Fiona Apple
Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Hanson (bon et tout l’album Snowed In comme d’hab)
Christmas Song – Cocoon
Ain’t about Christmas – The Rodeo

Allez un p’tit revival 1998:

Novembre 2007

KT Tunstall – Gone to the dogs (x1000)
Camille – Ta douleur (Al Usher Vocal)
Adrienne Pauly – Chut
Hugh Grant – Pop ! Goes my heart
Feist – 1234
Louis – Ailleurs ici
Vanessa Paradis & Suzanne Vega – Blowin in the wind
John Lennon – Instant Karma
Linkin Park – Shadow of the day
Paddy Casey– Become Apart
Bob Dylan – Hallelujah
Sacha Bernardson – L’irresponsable & Bienvenue à ceux
William Rousseau – Les nuits sans sommeil
AaRON – Mercedes Benz
Bensé – I am so in love with you girl
Tiken Jah Fakoly – Ouvrez les frontières
Michael Bublé – Save the last dance
Peter Cincotti – Be careful

Octobre 2007

Benjamin Biolay – Les séparés
Vincent Baguian – On t’aime vincent Baguian
Lmmz – Fragments
James Blunt – 1973, Carry you home, Same mistake & I really want you
Carp – The great escape
Hairspray – You can’t stop the beat
Koxie – Sacre Salah
DJ Zebra – Bono la boulette & Crossfire mélodie
The Soggy Bottom Boys – I’m a man of constant sorrow
Luciole – Ombre
Fiction Plane – Two sisters
The Pointer Sisters – Jump
Sia – Breathe me
The White Stripes – You don’t know what love is
Pauline – Allo le monde
Jil Is Lucky – Jesus
La Boétie – Le bonheur est exquis
Rose – Je guéris
Shirley Bassey – Get the party started
Anna Ternheim – A french love ( piano version)
Tokio Hotel – An deiner seite
Lula Fortune – Everybody is no one and more
Lian Ray – The list
The Swell Season – Falling Slowly
Bensé – Sa peau (live version)

Septembre 2007

Uminski – Lola lola
Yelle – Tristesse joie & A cause des garçons
Benjamin Biolay – Laisse aboyer les chiens
Colbie Caillat – Bubly
Jil Is Lucky – The Wanderer & God bless you
Nikki blonsky – Good Morning Baltimore
Queen Latifah – I Know Where I’ve Been
Elijah Kelly – Run and Tell That
Mayane – Quel beau dimanche & J’veux un enfant
Amy Winehouse VS Linda Ronsatdt – You know I’m no good
Vanessa Paradis & -M- – La scène
Goldfrapp – Lovely head
Amel Mathlouthi – Kelmti horra parole
Lifehouse – First time
Vanessa Paradis – L’incendie
Antonio Banderas & Los Lobos – Canción del mariachi
Mika – Erase
Emilie Bold – Oh sister
Constance Amiot – Letting go
Mélissa Mars & Obispo – 1980
The Hoosiers – Goodbye Mr A
KT Tunstall – Saving my face (acoustic), Little favours, Funny man, Hopeless, Hold on
Bic Runga – Sway
Rose – L’acide
Gossip – Listen Up! & Standing in the way of control
Micky Green – Oh!
Band of horses – Is there a ghost
Marti Angor – AK 47
Cocoon – Vultures
Superbus – Travel the world
Sylvie B – Un Shane my heart
Superfamily – The Radio Has Expressed Concerns About What You Did Last Night & In the night

Août 2007

Yael Naim – Paris
Zoé Avril – On ne changera pas le monde
Jason Upton – Burning in the sky
Pierre Guimard – Je t’écris d’Angleterre (rock)
Sacha Bernardson – Bienvenue à ceux
Hanson – River (UAL)
Otto OHM – Domani
Vincent Léoty – Un dernier verre
Jil Is Lucky – When I’m alone
Arbon – Où va le monde
Cutting Crew – Died in your arms
Julien Doré – Moi Lolita
Amy May – Everything
Sarah Bettens – The soldier song
Angus & Julia Stone – Mango tree & Paper aeroplane
Nelly Furtado – Crazy (acoustic)
Goog Goo Dolls – Iris (acoustic)
Au Revoir simone – Fallen Snow
Constance Amiot – Letting go
Hellogoodbye – Here in your arms
Hanson – Got a hold on me
sunrise Ave – Fairytale gone Bad
Tom Platini et Emily Loizeau – Bubble gum
Tokio Hotel – Spring nicht
Joe Allen – Chase
Hindi Zahra – Beautiful tango
Leopold – En surface
Camera Obscura – Let’s get out of this country & If look could kills
Marie Espinosa – L’annonce
William White – Sweet love
Suzanne Vega – Luka
May Day – The quest

Juillet 2007

Jils Is Lucky – Out of the blue
Soko – My ex boyfriends & My wet dreams
May Day – Undress
Ludivine Sagnier & Louis Garrel – Je n’aime que toi
Arcade Fire – Keep the car running
Julien Doré – Cet air là
Chiara Mastroianni – Eye of the tiger
The Kooks – Ooh La
Jérôme Attal – Les amants du petit matin
Scissor Sisters – Take your mama
Screaming Orphans – So cold
Shout Out Louds – Tonight I have to leave it & Impossible
Travis – Selfish Jean
Hanson – Breaktown
Rhesus -Black cat/White cat
Farrah – I wanna be your boyfriend
Ray LaMontagne – Till he sun turns black
Bensé – I want you
Jil Is Lucky – Seven cities
The Do – On my shoulders
The Rodeo – It’s hard to say
Amy Winehouse – Love is a losing game
Jil Is Lucky – Tududu
Kyo – Révolutions
Souad Massi – Noir et blanc & Ilham
Five for fighting – The Riddle
William Rousseau – Je voudrais te voir nue
The Bravery – Bad sun
Christophe Maé – On s’attache

Juin 2007

Brigitte – Ne me laisse pas l’aimer
Constance Verluca – Les trois copains
Rose – Sombre con & A l’envers (Café de la Danse)
Bensé – Café de la Danse
Marshmallow – Enervé
Raphaelle Dess – The One
Axelle Renoir – Nature
The Rodeo – It’s hard to say
Charlie Winston – 9 Yr old friend
Charlie winston – Like a Ho-Bo
Loulou – M
Tiken Jah Fakoly – Soldier
Jil is Lucky – Not a word & I may be late (France Inter)
Camille – Prières
Zazie – Au diable nos adieux (Zénith)
Brigitte – My english song
Anna Ternheim – A french love
Rose – For no one
Zazie – Je suis un homme (CTTP)
Johnny Hallyday – Ma religion dans son regard
Genesis – Follow you follow me
Camille – Le festin

Mai 2007

Bjork – Who is it ? (vitalic remix)
Majiker – Strings and wires
The whitest Boy Alive – Burning
Charlie Winston – Like a Ho-Bo & Finding Home (EP)
RIT – Les damnéricains
Keren Ann – Lay your head down (Réservoir)
Jude – Break up song
Joan as police woman – Christobel
Gush – My favourite song
Zazie – Jacques a dit
Christophe Willem – Kiss the bride
Travis – Closer & Eyes wide open
Benjamin Biolay – Dans la merco benz
Végastar – Vivre à l’envers
Hanson – Long train running
Dominique Dalcan – Et si (Maroquinerie)
FKLV – It’s on tonight & People shining
Hanson – Never been to spain
Jil is Lucky – Not a word & Flight with you (Maroquinerie)
Dolores O’Riordan – When we were young
Grégory Lemarchal – Le feu sur les planches
Constance Amiot – Around the world & Mal au coeur
Luciole – Viens sourire sur ma bouche
Camera Obscura – Lloyd, i’m ready to be heartbroken
Mokobé – Dans la joie & Mali forever
Amy Winehouse – Rehab & Back to black
Superbus – Lola
Catleya – Superflu
Avril Lavigne – When you’re gone
Bette Midler – Camelia
Aaron – Endless song & Last night thoughts

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