Shy'm - Si tu m'aimes encore (clip)

Shy’m – Si tu m’aimes encore

Après la superbe chorégraphie sur Medicine de Daughter, le duo de danse formé par Zack Benitez & Shy’m propose aujourd’hui un second chapitre, tout aussi poignant, dans le nouveau clip de celle-ci, pour la jolie ballade « Si tu m’aimes encore » :

Zack Benitez explique ainsi l’intention derrière cette nouvelle performance :

Almost exactly two years ago, a couple of friends and I got together to try and make a little dance video. Something fun to do, something we could be proud of, and something that could tell a story. That little dance video went on to explode to what we once counted as 30 million views between Facebook, Youtube, and Vimeo, including all the fan made versions. As many of you know, my partner in that video is not a dancer by profession, but a singer; and my best friend Shy’m . We had always talked about maybe revisiting our characters in « Medicine », but it was always a big question of how and when, until now. Her new single « Si Tu M’aimes Encore » takes us back to them, two years later, who they are now, sober and clear; the rest is up to you to interpret.

Une mise en images sobre et extrêmement réussie, réalisée par Charles Baldassara.

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